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At Wonder Capital Group our team of consultants encompasses comprehensive expertise and considerable experience. We design tailor-made wealth management services and solutions, offering to our established client base a superior investment experience. The fundamental principles at Wonder Capital Group include: providing a long-term, high quality service with discretion and integrity, establishing and maintaining a successful business relationship with our clients and developing innovative strategies with a strong, consistent focus on success and achievement.

We endeavor to follow these core values within all aspects of our ongoing professional partnership, creating a reliable platform on which to expand and grow your personal wealth, assets and capital.

Worldwide Presence

Globalization is something that every business must strategize about in today’s political and economical climate. Our development will continue to gain momentum as emerging markets and other countries develop further. Wonder Capital Group has had a global strategy for the last 10 years expanding the research facilities in over 27 countries around the world.

Innovative Approach

We offer a full range of financial products and services to help you pursue and reach your financial goals.
Although financial planning is regarded by many people complex and confusing, here at Wonder Capital Group our vision is to ensure our clients’ needs today and secure their future tomorrows.

Our Senior Management Team has over 45 years of combined market experience, covering major global financial hubs and asset classes.

We are committed to building long term business relationships based on trust with the clients we represent.
The key to our success is in keeping and nourishing the relationships we have built and ensuring our clients that they are our number one priority.

For long term success, good financial management is necessary.
We will help you ensure that all your available investment resources are used efficiently and effectively in order to provide an optimum return to you.
We aim to show our clients excellent results in a short period of time, in order to set the benchmark for future business opportunities.

Wonder Capital Group is well known in the industry for its consistently strong performance, its conservative approach and its unrelenting attention to detail.


The expert team at Wonder Capital Group offers a full A-Z service including
portfolio management as well as regulated tax advice.
Working alongside clients in different corners of the world we aim to provide them with an excellent level of service in order to retain their business for the long term.

Diversified Portfolio

In times of economic growth but also in times of turbulence in the markets our expert team finds the best solutions to protect and to grow our clients' hard earned capital.
We advise our clients to hedge themselves against market volatility by diversifying their portfolio across different sectors, markets or countries.

Trust & Security

Dealing with an expanding global economy we strongly advise our clients to take into consideration the scenario of investing in the most profitable opportunities worldwide.
Wonder Capital Group works alongside some of the most renowned investment firms and banking facilities in order to maintain transparency and a high level of security for our established clients.

Equity Research

Having our own equity research team means that we can constantly monitor stocks, study performance and meet the people running the companies that we recommend to understand their strategies.
Dedicated analysts perform analytical research on equities, keeping a finger on the pulse of the markets and bringing to the attention of our clients the latest news and developments ensuring a real-time efficient advisory service.

Goals & Aspirations

We encourage our clients to adopt a step-by-step investment strategy that offers both short and long term results and has the potential to fulfill their financial goals and put them on the path towards profit.
The road towards financial independence is paved with hard work, intelligent planning, perseverance and a professional adviser taking them safely to their destination.
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Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.

1. Know Your Client

Working alongside clients from different walks of life, from builders to bank managers, we realized the importance of communicating with them on a regular basis in order to keep them well informed and to pursue their financial goals and expectations.

2. Tailor-made Solutions

It is the accuracy and detail inherent in all goods that endows them with lasting value.
It is the time and attention paid by the one that provides those goods that gives value to the product.

3. Maximizing Returns

Maximizing returns on your investments requires ongoing tracking and efficient management.
At Wonder Capital Group we pride ourselves with a deep understanding of portfolio diversification, investment strategies and tax issues.

4. Sit Back & Relax

The process of making an investment can be challenging especially nowadays when we come across a broad range of investment vehicles worldwide.
Our team of advisers finds the best investment solutions to complement our clients’ lifestyle and daily needs.

The Force That Fuels Our Engine

The most valuable lesson we learned in dealing with the ups and downs in the market was to invest in our employees.
Over the course of years they fueled the success of many investors with their proven technical and leadership skills.


We strongly advise our prospective and existing clients to get in touch with us on a regular basis in order to keep them well informed and maintain a transparent business relationship.

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